The Fool Major Arcana: A Post, Unlike Any Fool Post!


“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

~ William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) As You Like It, Act 5 scene 1

So, Today, my Angels and Friends, I begin my own off the path journey through the Major Arcana one card at a time. We’ll see videos, spells, shopping and much more ALL on The Fool Major Arcana Card!

There are, as we all know a “Gazillion,” (that’s a word right?) sites out there with Tarot meanings and symbolism.

This is going to be different. This is going to be some fun, funky things I found using our Fool Card and just the basics at the end. But mostly different things you won’t find on every post online about The Fool Card. UGH! God bless all the work they put into them, but it’s been done…

I’ll be using decks that I own but also throw in a couple of interesting Fool cards that caught my eye. It’s amazing how many there are out there!


Click for more information on each Deck… (Affiliate Links) I’m also including two decks that were created by two separate groups of artists in a mixed-media art swap. Each person was assigned a card to interpret, recreate, and make as a part of a deck for each member. I love the two decks I got and feel compelled to share them.

And as a footnote, I have to say, a shop owner recommended to me the Starter Deck which has images with Keywords for Upright & Reversed, I used them maybe twice. They blocked every intuitive bone in my soul! Yes, our souls have bones! I mixed metaphors, it’s my blog…I get to! 🙂 I would not suggest these sorts of decks for beginners. Are you listening baby witches? Worst purchase ever out of 100’s of books and decks I’ve ever made.


As I said, this will be different, so let’s begin…

As you can see below we have a video with a guided meditation on the card and a link to an audio meditation on the card. I think this is just amazing!

Now, this is the way to learn Tarot, not the Starter set with the keywords right there for you!

Click for the Audio Meditation

Fool Guided Meditation by Biddy Tarot

Random Fool Card…


“Goodbye old Embrace the new

Fresh cycles bring Surprises too

This moment marks My soul and heart

As I make A brand-new start!”


1. Death Card

2. The Fool Card

3. White rose


Visualization, and Meditation

It’s the first day of the new year! Perform this spell when you are turning over a new leaf, replacing an old habit with a new one, and marking a new cycle in your life. The Death card represents endings and marks the moment of transformation. The Fool reflects fearlessly leaping forward toward new realities and possibilities. White roses represent purity. The color white represents a fresh start and a blank page.

Place the Death card. Enter the card. Listen carefully. What do you hear: music, wind, voices? Can you hear the clip-clop of the horses’ hooves? A lifeless king lays upon the ground. He represents what has passed, what is finished and done. A girl in white turns from the skeleton in fear, who marches forward like time. Like the child in blue, you look up in amazement at Death and its gifts. The sun rises between two towers. You usher in a new dawn, release the past, and discard what no longer serves you.

Place the Fool card. Enter the card. Morning sunlight spills over from Death’s arcana and fills the Fool’s arcana with a vibrant midday lemon-yellow light. Drag the Fool card over the Death card so the Fool sits atop Death. Hear the wind of opportunity blowing across the mountain peaks. Take your white rose in hand. It is the Fool’s symbol. Smell the flower and contemplate its petals and beauty. Leave it on your table to remind you of the fresh possibilities your new year brings.

Graham, Sasha (2016-05-07T23:58:59). 365 Tarot Spells (Kindle Locations 192-207). Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.. Kindle Edition.

Use The Fool to awaken your creative spiritual power by doing this simple spell.

Have a full-body picture of yourself and next to it the card of The Fool. Have a white candle lighten on top of them, and have the flame of the candle as the only light in the room. You may use some incense or incense sticks if you prefer.

Tarot Magic and how to use a Tarot Deck in Witchcraft Major Arcana The Magical Journey of the Fool How to use the Fool in Spells & rituals

Relaxing is Vital to the Spell

Take some deep breathes and relax your body and mind or even better, perform the balancing breathing (click here for the detailed article with simple Breathing Exercises of Hatha Yoga). Then look at your photo and then the picture of The Fool. Keep alternating your focus between the two pictures. While doing so, keep repeating peacefully: “I am the creator of my world. Everything I want, I can create”.

Just that. Don’t try to create something. The purpose is to activate and realise your creative power, as well as to come in touch with the thoughts that limit your creative power, the barks of the dog, and then free yourself from these restrictions.

Repeat the procedure daily for one week and keep a journal of your experiences. After that, work on your restrictive thoughts and then repeat the procedure again. Do that as many times as you want.

While working with The Fool indulge yourself with some foolishness. Play funny and childish games, laugh with not so intellectual jokes, draw random lines on pieces of papers, and whatever you feel relevant. Challenge your limitation with respect.

White Magic Tarot Spell Cards

Random Fool Card…

Spell Candle

Random Fool Card…

Now here’s the general interpretation of our Fool.

When we think of The Fool the immediate key phrases jump out, New Journey, Childlike, Innocent, Spontaneity, Adventure, Freedom, Faith…Your brain might look something like this….

Or at least my mind looks like this. Some of you, it might look like this… I do envy you! I am married to an Accountant. Yes a Catholic Witch that reads Tarot for a living married to an Accountant…his brain looks like this below.,.




“We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal, and then leap in the dark to our success.”

— Henry David Thoreau

And this is just pretty much for my own amusement…

Credit: The Ghoulish Garb

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  1. You did say that this would be a different post on the tarot cards and you have certainly delivered! What a brilliant idea to put spells, meditation and shopping together. I am looking forward to reading/experiencing more in the future. Thank you!

    1. I’m so thrilled you enjoyed it! It’s a great deal of fun! The Magician post is there as well and I’ll Sheas working on The High Priestess!!!

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