Tarot Time With Joe

So this is the beginning of what I hope to become a long series of posts called “Tarot Time with Joe” my precious husband.

I’ve even made up a little “kids-tv” show like jingle when we have Tarot time with Joe…it makes us both laugh…

I have not, shame on me, simply READ a Tarot book in Decades. I might look up quotes or use imagery from different decks for reference but to just read about Tarot Reading, I don’t. I’ve been doing this 25 years and again shame on me for thinking “I don’t need to learn more.”

So I come Across this book Advanced Tarot Secrets by Dusty White. It’s recommended for Advanced readers so I picked it up. I will NEVER consider myself an “Advanced Reader” again. My ego took a large hit for the better! I needed to be humbled and I was. This book is amazing and I’m slowly going through it doing all the exercises and I feel like a beginner, with new ideas and looking at my 25-year-old Deck with bright, new eyes!

So, one of the first exercises is called the “Hero-Sidekick” game. As we all know in everything there is always a Hero who rules the situation, wears the cool costume, and gets all the credit while poor Sidekicks wear even more ridiculous ensembles and are the butt of the jokes. I mean look at what poor Robin had to wear in the old television series…Wow, I’m dating myself, viciously!

Anyway, with this “game” or exercise you randomly throw two cards. Let your instincts take over and let one card “Pop-Out” as The “Hero” Card and the other The “Sidekick.”

Then just make a quick sentence “story” behind the two cards and how they affect one another.

Now, when I read this in the book, Mr. White gives very succint answers and clipped down to the point sentences. That’s What I was doing. Then when Joe started in he was coming up with these elaborate stories and Angels, much, I mean MUCH of what he said was dead on…he took the imagery and ran with it and his fresh eyes on these cards that are old friends of mine just blew me away!

We have the type of relationship even after 18 years that I love this man every day more than I did the day before, but in this moment I fell in love ALL OVER AGAIN…He inspired me and now us playing these little games with Tarot and him showing such an interest has become both enjoyable as a couple and mind opening as a Reader.


This was mine: The Hanged Man & The Empress both Reversed.

The Hanged Man was my HERO. I said “he has had problems and needs to see things more from The Empress point of view with intuition and feeling.”

Joe got The Page of Cups & Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands was Joe’s Hero:

His Response: “The Ace is radiating knowledge with happiness because of flowers, feeling very positive. The Page of Cups realized that the knowledge will not come from himself but from the Universe,

So already my hubby is amazing me and humbling me simultaneously!

My Turn again: I pulled The 4 of Pentacles & The 8 of Pentacles Reversed

The 4 of Pentacles became my HERO and I stayed succinct and quick like the book did. The 4 o P says “I’m being very stingy with my money because The 8 o P (R) I’ve worked very hard for it!”

Then Joe pulls: The 3 of Cups R & The Hermit R

3 o C (R) Was his HERO

He says The 3 o C (R) is “Youthful happiness but reluctant because of the negativity coming from the The Hermit. They 3 o C feel guilty for being so jubilant, but The Hermit is indecisive as well. It’s about letting go of your resistance to welcome happiness. We must welcome happiness, not resist it.”


This One was Mine: I drew
The 8 of Pentacles Reversed and The Lovers,

The 8 o P (R) was my HERO, and yes I’d pulled the 8 o P before and would again that night. But my statement was “Yes, I want love (The Lovers) and a relationship but I’m just not willing to put in the work yet.”

The 8 of Pentacles and The Fool: Joe’s Turn

The 8 of P HERO “She is a lady of great wealth but she knows that the wealth is not important, she wants to spends time with the wildlife and the floweres fruit, and thats where she finds her energy, her heart.”

The Fool is trying to make her think about the monetary riches but she won’t do it, she knows where her heart is.”

The Moon and The 8 of Pentacles Reversed. AGAIN!!!

The Moon is my HERO in this set, The secret to anything, relationship work etc. is that you have to put in the work, 8 o P R, you can’t just sit back. Be more productive.

This too was mine, short and to the point:

I pulled The 2 of Cups Reversed and my HERO The Ace of Pentacles

“I’ve put my marriage (2 o C R) on hold until I am more financially secure A o P.

Joe Pulls: The Strength Card Reversed and The Justice Card

Justice becomes his HERO as he says “A person or lady who lives very much in a Black and White world. She finds strength in the written word, laws, regulations, and doesn’t realize that this is not where true strength (Strength R) lies. She needs to examine beyond the black and white and see the grey in the middle that the world is built on. Strength doesn’t come from the Black & White, it comes from the Greys in the middle.

The 2 of Wands Reversed & 8 of Pentacles AGAIN: Joe’s Turn

“This is about a young man 2 o W R HERO at a crossroads he’s confused but his confusion is how he feels about himself . He remembers youth, being productive, he did the work (8 o P) and now he wants more. He does realize he has the world in his hands (2 O W R) he just has to figure out the way to hold onto it.

At one point before I started taking notes he pulled the 10 of Cups which “Happy Family” is always the first Phrase in my mind. (You know the phrases we are stuck with from our first years of study!) Well, in the Robin Wood deck this image as a family and a Rainbow over them. So Joe says, “Promise of Happiness or Gold at the End of the Rainbow.” So he brings up a Biblical reference and a leprechaun all at once! That’s my man!

And Finally for your viewing pleasure, this is the video that first started his interest in The Cards. I did a past life reading for him and here’s what came out….

So, Thank you all for reading, try this game yourself and let me know how it turns out!



Hero-Sidekick image: https://beerandwinejournal.com/hero-and-sidekick/

Deck: The Robin Wood Tarot

Book: Advanced Tarot Secrets by Dusty White

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