Try This Variation of the 3 Card Tarot Spread to Answer Your Life Questions…

This is a great variation to the usual 3 card spreads we use to Clarify another Card…

This is a technique I’ve used for years that I read in Tarot for a New Generation by Janina Renee. So make no mistake Dearest Angels, this is not my own creative mind at work! It’s just been a very useful tool I thought I’d share…

Most of us, when doing general daily readings, we use easy 3 card spreads…

Here are some examples:

So Let’s Try Something New:

This is a variation on the 3 Card Spread, but instead of laying out three random cards, you choose a “Signifcator” for the the subject or person (Including Yourself) you are choosing to inquire about. I’m using the Robin Wood Deck for my Examples.

For Example if you’re looking deeper into a Relationship you or someone else is in, just meditate and focus while shuffling the cards, when it feels right…Stop…Locate the Lovers Card and the Cards Before & After it…

Lay out as Follows:

The same Process Can be Used for a Friendship, Using the 2 of Cups:

What about A Career Change? Try the 3 of Pentacles:

Let’s try How to Change your Luck, with the Wheel of Fortune:

Even for Your “Card of the Day”… I’ve been practicing 25 years and still do this…When you have questions about that card, shuffle the same as above and locate that card for clarification:

To Find out about Someone (again, including yourself) Choose a Significator for this person:

A note on Sigificators…this is personal to each Reader, as is the Tarot itself…for me, I’m not one to use a Significator in a reading, like the Celtic Cross for example…I like the cards to have all their options open, so I let them come as they may. I feel if I remove it from the deck, I’m not allowing God, or The Universe to do Their job…This is just me…

However, in Tarot for a New Generation she does have an extensive list of choices for different people in different jobs, hair type or states of mind as Signifators that you guys might find helpful…It’s about four or five pages and I don’t feel I can share that without her permission. Again, I’ve never used it, but it looks interesting for those Readers that do choose Significators.

One Example is The 9 of Swords: A person with many worries and anxieties.

It would not be difficult for any of us to use the cards to represent a specific person.

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