The Magician: A Different Way to Explore this Major Arcana Tarot Card

“Our duty, as men and women, is to proceed as if limits to our ability did not exist. We are collaborators in creation.”

— Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

Dearest Angels and Friends, I continue my own off the path journey through the Major Arcana one card at a time. We’ll see videos, spells, shopping and much more ALL on The Magician Major Arcana Card!

There are, as we all know a 465 Billion sites (True Statistic that I just made up) out there with Tarot meanings and symbolism.

This is going to be different. This is going to be some fun, funky things I found using our Magician Card and just the basics thrown in here and there.

I’ll be using decks that I own but also throw in a couple of interesting Magician cards that caught my eye. I want EVERY Tarot Deck ever made! However, The Deck I’ll be using for my own Interpretations is the Light Seer’s Deck.

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Mixed Media Art Deck

Mixed Media Art Deck

“This card’s name refers to the way in which humans transform their own consciousness. The posture of the Magician is a representation of human effort and artifice as channels for powers greater than human beings themselves. The four traditional Hermetic instruments lie on the table near by: a chalice, a staff, a sword, and nine coins. The lemniscate over his head represents control; the white band encircling the Magician’s brow and snake binding his waist represent the limitation of ignorance by knowledge, and not the reverse as it is sometimes supposed. The roses symbolize desire, and the lilies, again, symbolize knowledge. The nine coins and the Wheel of Fortune inscribed on the disc of the sun represent important numerological connections of this major arcanum to the nine of Pentacles, the Wheel, the Sun, and the Hermit.” -Jessie Young

Playing With Sticks & Stones

Magician card of the Tarot offers a way to turn ideas into physical objects and bring down to earth a reflection of the evolving mind to the Universe. As a scribe and house builder, he echoes the Intelligence that makes all things what they are.

Understanding His Mission

Working with all the elements, he fashions the things he needs and brings about and sets into motion the process that ends with the Hermit. To learn more about his mission, you can read The Way of Life and Death.

“In everything natural there is something marvelous.”

— Aristotle

This is a page from Wicca a Year and a Day, which I highly recommend…this is an old book, but recently they released Wicca Another Year and a Day! I can’t wait to read it!

The Magician is card number one in the Tarot. One is a number that carries a masculine energy. In its essence, the Magician and the number one represent forward-moving, directed willpower. The Magician stands before his altar with the four of the magical tools spread before him. He holds a phallic wand in his upraised right hand. The Lamnescate, the symbol for eternity, floats above the magician’s head. The energy of the magician is that of fire; it is the primal energy that sustains creative action.

Divinatory Meaning:

In a reading, the Magician represents the power to create change. When this card appears in the reading, remind the questioner that he or she holds all of the tools necessary for success. Once you are able to change your consciousness, you are able to change your circumstance. It also means that it is time to become active, to take some necessary practical action.


Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Imagine that you travel through time and space until you stand before the most primal of energies–the force behind all creation. How does this energy appear to you? As you stand there, begin to inhale and exhale slowly. As you inhale imagine that you draw this force into your being. Fill your body entirely until there is no “you” left–only this creative force. After that, open your eyes. How does it feel to be one with the power of the Magician?

Be the Magician for the Day…

The final exercise with this day in Wicca a Year and a Day is to Be the Magician for the Day. I’ve read and tried many forms of the “Card a Day” way of learning, but this takes it to another level that I enjoy very much!

“Keep the Magician card with you at all times this day, or place it on your altar. Stay focused on action today. What is it that you need to accomplish? Do you have the goals? If not, why not? Set some goals today. Write down the steps to achieve your daily goals and complete each step. The Power behind magic is movement–So stay active until you achieve your goals.

“What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.”

— Aristotle

Symbolism in the Magician from The Light Seer’s Deck

Light Seers Tarot
An Interesting Word Cloud for The Magician

Weight-Loss Spell


Cells grow small

Fat release

Negative habits

Now will cease

Feed myself

With health and wealth

My body becomes

Swift and stealth


  • The Sun Card
  • The Magician Card
  • The Star Card
  • Apple

Method: Visualization, and Meditation

Weight-loss spells are best cast during the waning moon. As the moon shrinks, so does your waistline. Ruled by Venus, apples are the most magical fruit, a symbol of the witch. The Sun card represents ultimate health, the Magician is assertive energy, and the Star is your weight-loss goal.

Place the Sun card. Place your attention on the sun’s face. Feel the heat radiating out of the sphere, sinking into your skin, warming your body. It pumps and powers everything you do. Place one hand on your hearth and the other on your belly. Spread the warmth through your entire body. Envision the healthiest version of you possible. Your body is the perfect physical machine to house your soul. Decide at once that you will feed your body healthy and life-sustaining foods.

Place the Magician card. See him channeling the healthy energy of the sun. He is the conduit of this powerful electrical current.

Place the Star card. Feel yourself standing naked under the night sky. Peace and calm fill you. You know who you are. You know you are perfect. You achieve your goal effortlessly.

Eat your apple. Linger on the tart, sweet flavor.

Imagine the mix of sun, seed, and organic matter that created this apple. You are energy consuming energy. Know you have already achieved your goal. If health and taste permit, eat an apple every single day, mindfully recalling your spell, until you hit your goal weight.

Robin Wood Tarot Used
White Magic Tarot Spell Cards

“Maybe science is just magic with delusions of lack of grandeur.”

— Peter David

Random Magician Card Major Arcana card symbol travel mug – The Magician Rider-Waite tarot deck 

“He that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools.”

— Confucius

“Miracles arise from a miraculous state of mind, or a state of miracle-readiness.”

— from A Course in Miracles

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

-Albert Enstein


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