A Tarot Spell to Help You Focus Using The Chariot Major Arcana Card!

The Chariot Major Arcana Card

Cards hold much more power than just for Divination!

Light Seer’s Deck

The Chariot

Today we’re going to use our Chariot card to help us Focus…On most decks you can see the focus and determination in the eyes of the driver…this driver is focused on what he knows is ahead and he’s ready for it!

I mean check out the focus on these faces…the guy here at the bottom right is pointing to his goal and is headed there with complete knowledge and confidence in his focus…

So here we go!

This is a visual chart of magickal elements that correspond with The Chariot Major Arcana Card.

For this spell you will need the following:

  • 1 White Candle
  • An Amber Stone
  • Dried Rosemary
  • Almond oil (or any carrier oil, I just love Almond)
  • The Chariot Card
  • A Significator Card for your goal: For example “A New Job” = “3 of Pentacles” or “King of Pentacles” For “Getting an A on a Test” = “The 8 of Pentacles” or “The Ace of Swords”


Mix the dried Rosemary with your Almond Oil – Rub your hands together to mix the herbs and oil, all the while thinking of your intention of focus…just focusing on this task with great energy will serve you well.


Dress the candle with the oil and herb mixture. Since we are drawing something to us (Focus) we want to dress the candle by starting at the ends and pulling in…because we are pulling in energy rather than getting rid of it. See diagram below. (Having a cloth around is a phenomenal idea!)


After cleaning your hands with the phenomenal cloth, set the candle in its holder. – Light the candle with FOCUS.


Now Place your significator card for what you want to achieve. Enter the card. Step in and put yourself in the character’s shoes or energy. See yourself in the card.


Now pick up The Chariot Card. Meditate on it, enter it…see yourself driving that cart, directing the horses with utter confidence, speed and FOCUS.


Once you FEEL yourself in The Chariot’s drivers seat, lay The Chariot Card over the Significator crosswise, showing your power and FOCUS over your goal. See Diagram…


Hold the Amber in your hand and sit comfortably with the stone in your hand, the candle and cards before you. Hold the image of you on the Chariot guiding the horses, let that energy flow from the stone…Amber helps us to develop patience, wisdom, eliminate fears…clear the mind…and get rid of negative energy…See all those qualities from the stone running through you as you guide The Chariot with FOCUS and confidence.


When you feel that energy hit its high point say the following incantation:

“With this Card & with this Spell, These images take on life. With this stone I feel the energy to clear my life of this strife. As I feel and as I say, My Focus now is clear as day. These words said, this image me, I call this down, So mote it be.”


Let the candle burn down safely and bury the remains close to your home, preferably under your front step as this is energy you want to keep with you.

This spell is an original spell written by me, Ophelia Kai… Feel free to share but please link credit back here at ColibriTarot.com

Some affiliate links to follow…a Witch has to make a living folks…

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