A Spell for Courage using The Strength Major Arcana Card

The Chariot Card

Tarot is powerful in more ways than just Divination!

The Strength Card

Using the Light Seer’s Tarot has for me engaged my intuition in ways I couldn’t imagine…but the imagery is always based directly on our stand-by classic Rider Waite.

When we need strength we also need compassion, which both of these cards depict. Even if it’s compassion and protection of ourselves!

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Daily we are met with what seems an insurmountable amount of problems, issues, burdens etc. And we all…ALL at times aren’t sure we can deal…Whether the problems are large or small, this spell for Courage during these times will help!

Using the Magickal Correspondences in the graphic above we’re going to use a variation form Tarot Spells by Janina Renee

You’ll Need the Following…

The Star Card for Inner Guidance
The Strength Card for Courage and Power
The Chariot Card puts you in control of the situation
1 Red & 1 Gold Candle

After meditation, casting your circle or whatever ritual you begin with…

Light The Gold Candle first…

When ready, lay down THE STAR. Visualize yourself standing in the field of stars. As you observe the stars, you notice their light becoming brighter and brighter. Beams of starlight extend to you and and you feel their warmth penetrating you, suffusing you with power. You become aware that you, too, are a glowing star, and you become intoxicated with the joy of your own light and power.

Next, set STRENGTH in place. Continue to feel the vital energy which you have summoned, and know that you have the power to overcome all fears and obstacles. Flex your muscles, and if your work space permits engage in motions such as exercises, martial arts katas, or dance movements which make you aware of your body and being and of the strength and energy which flow through you!

Finally set THE CHARIOT in place. Light the Red candle for power here…Contemplate the figure in the picture; study his calm sense of control (See our Chariot Post for Focus). Now study the charioteer’s armor. Using the psychic energy which you have summoned, you with craft your own protective armor; Hold your hands in front of you, and feel the power surging through them. Now, starting with your head, make motions with your hands, passing them over your body parts, using their power to craft an invisible armored covering.

After you’ve finished meditating on the cards and visualizations, carefully and with as much feeling as you can, recite this affirmation.

“By force of will and magic spell
I call on power from within and without!
Power shines like a star within me.
Power flows through me,
and power grows ’round me.
I conjure power to make me strong.
With magic power I craft my armor.
My magic protects me totally
and no obstacle can stand before me.
In the warmth and light of my inner strength
Fears and problems melt like snow.
So it is, and so shall it be!”

Let both candles burn down safely…Continue to make some of the movements you did during the spell while alone (Or with others if you’re like me!) to continue that energy…

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