A Spell to Develop Psychic Ability With The Hermit Major Arcana Tarot Card

The Hermit Card

The Hermit Within

The Hermit Card

According to Eden Gray, The Hermit’s lantern is the Lamp of Truth, used to guide the unknowing, his patriarch’s staff helps him navigate narrow paths as he seeks enlightenment and his cloak is a form of discretion.

This Light, This Truth…this is what we all long for…we all have the ability to reach the other side, into the ether, The Divine…some of us have developed that God given gift more than others…but everyone has the capability…

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This spell is derived from Tarot Spells by Janina Renee

This is a spell to help you develop extrasensory perception and open up channels of higher awareness. The awakening of psychic abilities will give you personal guidance, comfort you with the assurance of spiritual existence, and enable you to see and explore the fabric of The Universe.

This layout takes the shape of a crown. As a crown sits atop the head, it symbolizes expanded consciousness, awareness outside the senses and glory in knowledge. This is also connected with our Crown Chakra which is our connection to The Spirits, God, The Universe.

What you will need:

  • The Hermit Card
  • The Star Card
  • The High Priestess Card
  • 1 Gold Candle
  • A piece of paper
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Any Accessories such as flowers or crystals, cloths etc. in Purple for psychic experience, Blue for looking inward, or White for the concentration of Divine light and pure psychic energy.

The Star represents inspiration and guidance from supernatural and cosmic forces. It complements and give power to The High Priestess, the card of focusing on the mind, developing intuition, and listening to inner voices. The Hermit stands for the revelation and interpretation of knowledge. The Hermit Card aids you in understanding of dreams, visions, and intuitions which will come to you.

Plan to lay the cards out on a table where you can pull up a very comfortable chair, so you can be at ease while you do the meditations and visualizations. It’s best to perform this either very early in the morning or late in the evening when the world is quiet and you are unlikely to be disturbed.


When ready light the candle. For a duration of 30 seconds to three minutes, focus on the candle flame, putting everything else out of your mind. For a time between 30 seconds to 3 minutes, close your eyes and hold the image of the flame in your mind.


Set THE STAR in place. Enter the card. You’re by the water, holding that star, letting it guide you and then spread your arms outwards (both in visualization and reality) saying aloud:

“I call upon the wide-ranging powers!
I call upon all good and friendly
spirits of guidance!
Aid me now in opening my psychic centers!
Help me learn to open myself
to the knowledge and the guidance
which I seek!”
Janina Renee


Set THE HIGH PRIESTESS in place as in the illustration above. Continue from THE STAR card and enter THE HIGH PRIESTRESS, you’ll see after your walk along the water a temple. Go to the doors and pull on them, but they are locked. Then instead of pulling on the door just lay your hand open…and it swings wide open for you. You enter, pause and say:

“I unlock the doors,
I enter the temple,
I go within
I am at one with the secret knowledge.
I see with other eyes.
I hear with other ears.
I feel with other senses.”
Janina Renee


Set THE HERMIT in place. Envision yourself going deeper into the temple. You pass through several rooms. Finally you pass through a door into a large but darkened room. You see the black and white pillars in the card from THE HIGH PRIESTESS, Between them stands an alter and on that altar is your candle! Walk to the candle, hold your ands above it, feeling the warmth of the flame in both visualization and reality…see yourself basking in the warmth of the lantern’s light and the knowledge that comes with it…then say:

“All is clear
Hidden knowledge is brought forth
in the light of understanding.”
Janina Renee

At this point, visualize that you are no longer in the temple. You have been magically transported back home, and sitting in your own comfy chair, with the cards and candle before you.


Start expanding your conscious mind outward in a spiral pattern. Start with your body, and make your senses circle around, taking in all the sights and sound. Scan in an ever-widening spiral, taking in your room, sweeping through your house, then the buildings of your neighbors, your town, country, the world, outer space.

The, reverse the process and bring your consciousness in closer and closer, retracing the spiral until you have pulled back into yourself sitting in your chair.

At this point, carefully and with as much feeling as you can, recite the following affirmation:

“I am open and receptive
to higher levels of consciousness.
Spirits of guidance are here for me
and I channel the knowledge they offer.
I am open and receptive.
My psychic centers are qu8ickened.
I open my eyes and ears
to all impressions and intuitions
That are coming to me.
I spread the veil of Being
that I may look beyond.
I open the windows of Where and When
and I see beyond.”
Janina Renee


At this point sit back, relax, take your paper and pen and use automatic writing to record any impressions that pop into your mind. If you don’t receive a great many impressions right away worry not as the process is in motion and you’ll be surprised to find the hunches and insights coming to you in the most unexpected moments. When you’re ready snuff the candles out and save it for another automatic writing session.

For maximum benefit, perform this spell, or a shortened version of it every day at the same hour each time.

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