A Spell for Making Money in Real Estate Using The Wheel of Fortune Major Arcana Card

The Wheel of Fortune!

Let’s bring some Luck into our lives!

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune always brings to mind the ups and downs of life…cycles, accepting the fact that change is the only thing that will NEVER change! 🤣

We’re going to use This Wheel to help in getting into one of those “UPs” in life…Financial success and Luck in Real Estate.

Now, I myself LOVE change…it’s exciting…my dear hubby Joe as you know him from “Tarot Time with Joe” not so much…He likes things settled, ducks in a row…

FYI There will be some Affiliate links in here…they make me tell you this so you don’t think I’m tricking you…is that why? I’m not certain why…but there are some links…so there!

This spell is derived from 1001 Spells by Cassandra Eason

This spell is to help us make money and have luck when dealing with Real Estate issues, either selling or buying a home, flipping houses, etc.

  • The Wheel of Fortune Card
  • The Ace of Pentacles Card
  • Ten of Pentacles Card
  • 10 Golden-Colored Coins

Timing: Saturday


Lay a vertical row with The Ace of Pentacles at the bottom, The Ten of Pentacles at the top and The Wheel of Fortune in the middle.

Touch the Ace. saying, “From small beginnings do great things grow, I move toward wealth though it may be slow.”


Put the first coin down to start a circle around the Wheel of Fortune Card saying “Year by year will my properties increase, more acquisitions without cease.”


Touch the Ten of Pentacles, saying “Throughout the years I will attain, roots and prosperity for all is the aim.”


Repeat the spell cycle, touching the Ace again, saying the first set of spell words, then add another coin clockwise, repeating the second set of spell words. Touch the Ten and say the third set of spell words once more. Continue the spell until you have ten coins in the circle.


Set the Ace and Ten on either side of the Wheel. Leave this out overnight.


Finally, the next morning bury the coins in front of the property you are buying or selling. Collapse the spread counter clockwise.

Good luck with this spell and we love to hear feed back and comments!

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