A Justice Major Arcana Card Spell to Rid You of a Long-Ago Abuse or Injustice

The Justice Major Arcana Card

Justice for Past Trauma

The Justice Card

The Justice Card warns us against the repercussions of treating others with prejudice, not “playing fairly”, using power as a weapon against the weak, the young the oppressed..

This spell is derived from 1001 Spells by Cassandra Eason. This spell serves to send Justice or Karma back to one that has hurt you long ago through abuse or injustice.

I must make clear that this is not a spell I myself would use. I was the victim of childhood trauma, but I am no victim. And without my doing anything Karma came back to the person who hurt me for so many years. I never wished harm to him. I forgave him long ago. I was blessed in being able to do this because not everyone can.

I just want to make clear that forgiveness is always the first line of defense and will free you in ways you can’t imagine. And sending this karma back to someone who hurt you is something to think carefully about…consider you own Karma first.

But, I do realize how hard forgiveness can be and hopefully this ritual can provide release for someone in need of closure. This is why I’m posting this spell. We are all different and heal in a multitude of ways.

So here’s to healing…

Above is a visual chart of corresponding elements for spell work with The Justice Card.

Timing: Saturday in Fading Light.

For this spell you will need:

  • The Justice Card, for resolving what is unfair, even many years later, to the left
  • Sand in a small bowl
  • A funnel
  • An Empty Bowl
  • The Judgment card, for freeing yourself of old anger and resentment, to the right
  • The Temperance Card, for restoring balance to your life, in the middle


Touch Justice saying “What was done was so unjust, but let it go I must. For Justice one day be be done to the guilty one.”


Pour some sand into the funnel over the bowl. When the sand has filtered through to the bowl…


Touch Judgement, and repeat “What was done was so unjust, but let it go I must. For Justice one day be be done to the guilty one.”


Pour more sand into the funnel over the bowl…When the sand is gone Touch Temperance, saying, “This injustice has been beating me, but Justice will one day be done to the guilty one.”


Pour the remaining sand in the funnel. When it has trickled into the bowl, take the sand and empty it where nothing grows, repeating, “One Day justice will be done, the the guilty one.”

Heal well my dearest Angels…

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