A Spell for Patience When You’ve Done all you Can Using The Hanged Man Major Arcana Card

The Hanged Man also calls to us to look at things from a new or from another’s point of view. This is particularly important in Politics…for us to be open and realize our views are not the ONLY or even RIGHT views…

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man tells us we are in a state of suspension…a testing period even…And seeing things from another person’s perspective.

As I write this The 2020 US Election is a week away.

I’ve done all I can, I’ve voted, spread my thoughts and view in appropriate ways through donation, support in active demonstration and such. But now, all I can do is wait…

But wait with hope! Not dread…

There’s a saying “Plan for the worst & hope for the best.” I DO NOT AGREED WITH THIS!

“Plan for the best, The worst can always be changed or help us grow.”

So I’ve taken several spells and pulled them together for this…see credits below…This gives us patience in a situation where we’ve done all we can, gives us peace in the process of life and allow God to do His/Her work…

This is a Chart of a few of the Magickal Elements that correspond to The Hanged Man Card.

You Will Need:

  • The Hanged Man Card
  • Howlite
  • 9 Blue Tea lights
  • Paper
  • Blue pen
  • Sigil for Patience (This one or one of your own creation)


Set up and cleanse the area you will be working in, you don’t wish to have negative energy about during the spell


Using your blue pen on the center of the piece of paper you have drawn your sigil. Write on this Sigil paper the word ‘patience’, ‘I have patience’ or ‘I Give this to God (the gods, Buddha, Spirit, The Universe, Kali…you get it!) 😀


Lay out the Hanged Man Card on Top of the Sigil and writing. Enter the card. Visualize yourself hanging in this state of stasis, but hanging in peace…we will come back to the card visualizations.


Circle your sigil and The Hanged Man with your 9 tealights and light them clockwise starting with the top one, be careful not to burn yourself while doing so.


Place your howlite atop the sigil/words in the center of the paper and candles

Hold your hands over the howlite and close your eyes Saying “My restlessness must come to an end, patience is a virtue, so I will be patient and this I do intend.”


Focus again on the Hanged Man… and take deep breaths in and out feeling the calm gentle energy of the howlite and tea lights emitting below your hands. Enter the card again and feel yourself surrounded by the light of patience the tealights bring…Continue like this until you feel their energies has thoroughly entered you and you hear that “ding!”


At this point take The Hanged Man and reverse it into shadow…This shows you free, having your priorities in order, impatience gone, and calmly waiting to see…You did your work…Now Let God do His/Hers.


Let the tea lights burn out.

Then burn the paper with the Sigil safely in order to Activate it.

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This spell is Inspired by “nightimethinker”

The Creator of The Patience Sigil…if you want amazing Sigils for intentions…this is your “Go-To” Amazing Talent!

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