A New Year’s Eve Rebirth Spell with The Death/Rebirth Major Arcana Card

The Death / Rebirth Card, oh so misunderstood!

One of my favorite thing about the Light Seer’s Deck is the creator’s choice to use Death / Rebirth with the infinity sign between them as seen below.

Well, today this spell is for New beginning for a New Year…

We are in the Holiday Season so the New Year will be upon us soon…I hope this proves useful to you!

The Death Cards of Hollywood!

Hollywood has ruined this card and it’s true beautiful meaning…this card is about the ending of one cycle to begin another. It can herald beauty, new beginnings, moving on…but when this card comes up, people automatically gasp…

So, here we go using The Death Card as it is meant to be…Endings that lead to New Beginnings, Transformations & Change!

This spell is adapted from 1001 Spells by Cassandra Eason, with my own ideas mixed in!

This is a chart of Magickal Correspondences for The Death Card.

Timing: New Year’s Eve with friends or alone, 15 minutes before midnight

  • The Death Card
  • A single calendar page from the current year with large squares marking the days
  • A red pen
  • A Black Candle
  • A ball of red yarn
  • A pot of soil or sand
  • A White Candle
  • Scissors


If you’re alone, write in any square of the calendar page a trauma or energy you want to release.

It’s much more fun if you have a group of friends so they can write down in each square things they want be reborn from as well. Make it part of your New Year’s Party!!


Tie the Black candle to the White candle with the red string…laying The Death / Rebirth Card between them.


Light the Black Candle and roll or crumple up the calendar page. Taking turns (or one piece at a time if you are working this solitary) Tear the calendar page apart, lighting them with the black candle’s flame.


Drop the burning calendar parts into the pot of sand or soil saying: “Old year turn, old year burn, bad luck, do not return.”

As you are tearing the calendar focus on The Death / Rebirth Card seeing all the items on the calendar burn and “die” in order for rebirth to take place!


As the page burns put the pot outside the door before midnight. At Two minutes before midnight light the white candle using the flame from the black candle.


On the first stroke of midnight, blow out the black candle, take the scissors and cut the string connecting the Past & Death from the Light & Rebirth with only the white candle burning!

While Toasting your Champagne or other choice of celebratory beverage shout together: “Come in New Year, You are Most Welcome here!”

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