A Spell with The Major Arcana Tarot Card: The Devil

The Devil Card

Bondage comes in many forms…But we’ve all experienced it. Felt the metaphorical chains of life wrapped around our chest making it hard to breath…controlling our actions, to the point that we might not even recognize ourselves, how we are acting or treating the people who love us.

The Devil Card is basically saying “I’m Stuck” I’ve allowed someone or something to own me…but whether we realize it or not, we have the key to these chains all along…

The Chains of Bondage

Spell to Strengthen & Free a Family Member Whose Lifestyle Affects Them & The Family in a Negative Way, Using The Devil Card.

Above is a list of magickal correspondences to go along with The Devil Card. We’re going to focus on the use of The Devil Card Reversed, which for me as a reader means freedom from these self-imposes chains…

This is derived from 1001 Spells by Cassandra Eason with my own additions…

Timing: Ongoing

You will Need…

  • The Devil Card
  • A Spool of thread or cord
  • Scissors
  • A Small Pot with a Lid
  • A small bowl of Salt


Lay the Devil Card Reversed on your altar above the small pot.


Unravel a length of cord and cut it off the spool, saying “I cut the ties that hold us all in thrall. May the addiction diminish, fade, fall, that we may at last be free of it all.”

Tie the piece of cord in knots and drop it in the pot.


Add a pinch of salt to the pot, saying” Cleansed be of what holds us in thrall, diminish, fade and finally fall.”

Put the Pot Where Light will shine on it.


Continue each day adding pieces of the knotted cord and salt to the post saying the incantations each time.

When the pot is full, empty it in a garbage can far from your home saying “Begone, tangled be, disappear into obscurity that we may be free.”

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