A Spell With The Tower Major Arcana Card

The Tower Card

The Light Seers Tower

Shifts, Endings, New Beginnings

A Tower of Freedom Card Spell Ritual If You Can’t Let Go of a Loved One Who Has Deserted Or Betrayed You

The above is a chart of magickal correspondences for The Tower Card.

This spell is taken from 1001 Spells by Cassandra Eason

What You’ll Need:

  • The Tower Card (Representing freedom from restrictions but not without pain.)
  • A Black Candle behind The Tower Card
  • The Four Aces: Two on either side of the Tower. Pentacles: for a new practical start; Cups; for a new love; Wands: for new ventures; Swords: to be cut free
  • Four White Candles behind the four Aces


Light the black candle saying, “No more of you, lover untrue.”


Blow out the candle saying, “Gone from my heart, old love depart.|


Light the Pentacles Candle saying, “Just one step at a time, to a life that’s truly mine.”


Light the Cups Candle saying, “New love when my heart is whole, who will cherish me, mind, body and soul.


Light the Wands Candle saying, “New Adventures, exciting Ventures.”


Light the Sword Candle saying, “Hardest of all, but I walk tall. I cut the ties to you, good-bye.


Clap you hands fast over each of the four candles and let them burn out.

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