Truth Tea

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Magickal Correspondences for The Sun Major Arcana Card

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Daily Energy Spread Thank You @azuragems

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The Fool’s Journey In Rhyme

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Magical Herbal Uses

Meditations for The Moon Card

The Moon Card is one of Mystery, the fine line between reality and illusion...both in in inthe worlk around us and the world within ourselves... Now this seems a bit old school but it's some nice information... Meditation For The Moon – Upright This tarot meditation on the upright moon card will focus on the strangeness of ambiguity, that half-space where nothing is quite real, and nothing is quite illusion. We all reach a point in our… Continue reading Meditations for The Moon Card

A Spell for Money With The Star Major Arcana Tarot Card

A simple cookie spell for money!

Relaxation Spread

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4 Thieves Vinegar

Ways to Bond With Your Diety

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A Cookie Spell For Prosperity

A spell make by Ophelia Kai... share but please give credit at this link!

Relationship Karma Spread

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A spread for two choices!

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A Spell With The Tower Major Arcana Card

A spell with the tower major arcana for help in heartbreak and relationships get over an old boyfriend or girlfriend

A Spread to figure out a lie…

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A Spell with The Major Arcana Tarot Card: The Devil

The Devil Card Bondage comes in many forms...But we've all experienced it. Felt the metaphorical chains of life wrapped around our chest making it hard to breath...controlling our actions, to the point that we might not even recognize ourselves, how we are acting or treating the people who love us. The Devil Card is basically saying "I'm Stuck" I've allowed someone or something to own me...but whether we realize it or not, we have the… Continue reading A Spell with The Major Arcana Tarot Card: The Devil

Sweet Dreams Sachet

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What to do??? This should help!

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A Spell to Help a Loved One Overcome Addiction Using The Temperance Major Arcana Tarot Card

A Spell for Addiction recovery for a loved one, Using The Temperance Tarot Card.

Witch Tip!!

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A New Year’s Eve Rebirth Spell with The Death/Rebirth Major Arcana Card

A New Year's Even Rebirth Spell with The Death/Rebirth Major Arcana Card

A Spell for Patience When You’ve Done all you Can Using The Hanged Man Major Arcana Card

A little spell for Patience when you've done all you can do...Like the 2020 Presidential Election!

A Justice Major Arcana Card Spell to Rid You of a Long-Ago Abuse or Injustice

A Spell to Rid you of a long-ago abuse or injustice. PTSD Healing.

Money / Prosperity / Job Spell Herbal Mixture and Knot Spell

Simple Portions of a Spell I just worked for an Angel. For Prosperity, Abundance and Job Advancement. The knot spell can be used for Any intention!