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Hi Dearest Angels...

I provide a comprehensive Ritual Service that includes:

  • A Multi-Divination Tarot reading (€25 Value) to decide what direction the Ritual needs to go...
  • A Sigil Made for your intention
  • Contact throughout the entire process as we plan
  • Guidance in helping you manifest your desires to boost the energy of the Spell
  • Photos of all I do
  • Videos of anything I create, herbal mixtures, incense etc. for the Spell
  • Full video of the ritual
  • Advice on things you can do at home, no cost to you, to increase the power of the Spell.
  • Any need you have, we will work together to find a positive solution using intention and spell work. Spells have been perfectly described as Prayer with Props. The gathering of all the tooIs, herbs, colors, candles, wording it just right, these are all actions that put your intention into the Universe. I am a Christian White witch and I only work in light and love.
  • Click Here for more information on how my service works...
  • Pricing begins at €55 and ranges to €100. NEVER more. Price will be quoted after I know your situation. Once that is defined, it will NEVER change or have more added.
  • Contact me FIRST at in order to get a quote on what level to order.
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