Death Tarot Card Meanings

Death Tarot Card: Embrace transformative change, the release of the old, and the inevitable progression towards rebirth and renewal.
Death Tarot Card Meanings

About Death Tarot Card

Although the name of this tarot card is threatening and dramatic, the Death actually doesn’t necessarily mean the physical death of someone. But what does the Death mean in tarot readings, then?

The Death tarot card can symbolize the end of something, for example, a relationship, a project, etc. Also, such a card represents harvest time, which we can interpret when we did everything possible, and it’s time for us to leave it and move on. The image of the armored Death sitting on the horse gives the readers a hint that it’s natural for things to die because they can be reborn into something new.
The general Death meaning in tarot predictions is that you need to get out of the circle of your old orders and habits. The relationship that pulls you back, the job that doesn’t promise growth, the outdated lifestyle rules that make you feel outdated too, or the unfinished tasks – all such things should come to the end, according to the Death tarot.

The reversed Death in tarot guide has the opposite meaning, though. Despite how badly you may want something to come to an end, the reversed Death says “no”. This card means that tremendous changes are to happen in your life. They will be fruitful, and you need to be patient and not stop pursuing your path.