Four of Coins Tarot Card Meanings

Four of Coins: Grasp the balance between financial security and openness, challenging the fear of change and scarcity.
Four of Coins Tarot Card Meanings

About Four of Coins Tarot Card

In general, the Suit of Coins is the representation of wealth and inner powers that serves as your support on your way to reaching your ultimate goal. Mostly, this goal refers to money, but it can also cover your potential in love or health spheres.

The Four of Coins in the tarot guide has a paradoxical meaning. The image of a well-secured sword with two edges may point to your protection from any damage. However, the Four of Coins tarot card reveals what pressures people are exposed to on their way to achieving a prosperous life.

The Four of Coins’ meaning also indicates the warning that you are likely to fall under poor advice and be unable to estimate potential risks. Besides, the Four of Coins tarot may also mean some kind of dependency that can bring you comfort but will take away your inner powers.

What does the Four of Coins mean in tarot reading if you pull out a reversed card? Such a card may imply you worry more about what payback you will receive when you help someone, instead of thinking about how you can actually help. One of the reversed Four of Coins tarot card meanings is the resentment your mind may be full of. It makes you feel impoverished and, thus, doesn’t let you grow.