Judgement Tarot Card Meanings

Judgement calls for self-evaluation and rebirth. Rise to your higher calling and new possibilities.
Judgement Tarot Card Meanings

About Judgement Tarot Card

Upright Judgement

The Judgement card, sometimes known as “Resurrection,” symbolizes a significant, age-old reunion believed by the ancients to occur cyclically. This event is envisioned as a harvesting of souls returning to their origin beyond the solar system, followed by a new cycle of souls entering the world.

In contemporary understanding, this reunion encompasses every persona an individual has been and every soul they have deeply connected with, culminating in a collective completion of a process. Symbolically, we celebrate this return to the source each year on our birthdays.

On a personal level, the Judgement card signifies liberation from internal conflicts, allowing one’s latent talents and gifts from past lives to manifest in the current one. This card encourages trust in the process of self-opening, as it allows high-quality traits and abilities to emerge naturally. It suggests becoming a multi-dimensional being and helping others to do the same.

Reversed Judgement

When Judgement appears reversed, it indicates a sensation of encountering external limitations, despite efforts to break free from constraints. In this situation, it’s essential to navigate and adapt to these unexpected barriers, maintaining the inner growth force.

Like water finding its way through cracks, persistence and adaptability are key to overcoming obstacles. Continuous flow and determination will lead to success.

Advice Position for Judgement

In the advice position, Judgement calls for embracing personal growth, transformation, and the release of hidden potentials. This involves letting go of unproductive activities while still fulfilling responsibilities and focusing on new growth.

It’s not about rejecting others, but rather about not succumbing to manipulation. This journey of transformation is personal and centered on the desire for self-improvement and becoming a more fulfilled individual. Trust your instincts and embrace this profound awakening.