Justice Tarot Card Meanings

Contemplate Justice: fairness, karma, and the importance of ethical action.
Justice Tarot Card Meanings

About Justice Tarot Card

Upright Justice

The Justice Tarot card is deeply connected to moral sensitivity, empathy, compassion, and fairness. Evoking the wisdom of Solomon, this card has long been a symbol for just and humane treatment of others.

Typically featuring a balance scale and a two-edged sword, the imagery emphasizes the need for balanced judgment and careful attention to detail. This card serves as a reminder of the law of karma – the principle that every action has a corresponding reaction, and that fairness will ultimately prevail. It underscores the importance of not overlooking or trivializing any aspect of a situation where fairness is concerned.

Reversed Justice

When reversed, the Justice card suggests that the full truth of a situation is not yet apparent, obscured by a higher, often paradoxical order. In such cases, human logic and conventional understanding may be superseded by a more complex cosmic law.

During these times of uncertainty and apparent disorder, patience is advised. Remaining observant and silent, and continuing to watch and listen, will eventually lead to the resolution of confusion and the revelation of truth.

Justice in the Advice Position

In the advice position, Justice encourages you to be an attentive and unbiased observer. When listening to others recount their experiences and roles in a situation, it’s not necessary to provide feedback. Your role is to carefully listen and observe, allowing the full story to unfold.

As you witness the narratives of others, pay attention not just to their words but also to the subtle cues and implications. This deeper level of understanding will reveal the truths you need to make a wise and informed judgment.”