Page of Coins Tarot Card Meanings

Learn from the Page of Coins: new financial opportunities and the beginning of material ventures.
Page of Coins Tarot Card Meanings

About Page of Coins Tarot Card

Upright Page of Coins

Known traditionally as the Page and sometimes as the Princess in modern decks, the Page of Coins is all about learning and abundance. This card symbolizes a deep interest in understanding the principles behind growth and success, whether in agriculture, finance, or science.

This figure may currently appear in a subordinate role, like an attendant or junior partner, but this is a temporary phase. Through observation and learning from both successes and failures around her, she is crafting a strategy that will elevate her from obscurity to success. Her journey involves accumulating the necessary knowledge and experience, which she is actively doing.

Reversed Page of Coins

When reversed, the Page of Coins encourages not to shy away from serving others or being disciplined in one’s work. Even if it feels coerced or unaligned with personal desires, it’s important to recognize the necessity of skill development in any profession for eventual liberation.

This card suggests embracing the discipline required in professional development, harnessing both talent and willpower. It’s a reminder that hard work and skill-building are essential for achieving independence and success.

Page of Coins in the Advice Position

In the advice position, the Page of Coins (or Princess in some decks) recommends a serious study of your chosen field. It emphasizes the importance of gaining both intellectual knowledge and experiential learning. Listening to others’ stories of success and failure can offer valuable insights.

The card advises thorough exploration and analysis of past experiments in the field, encouraging the pursuit of understanding what might have been missed by others. Embrace the mindset of a beginner, open to new ideas and insights, as this openness can lead to a deeper understanding of the subject at hand.”