Six of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Six of Cups: Revel in nostalgia, the innocence of youth, and the warmth of familiar bonds and memories.
Six of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

About Six of Cups Tarot Card

What does a Six of Cups mean in tarot? In general, this is an optimistic card. The Six of Cups’ meaning describes your openness to the world and the desire to learn new things. This card has another name — the Past — which can refer to the young period of your life when everything seemed possible and simple. The Past reminds us of how we looked at any obstacles relatively positively, believing that the future would be optimistic.

If you are lucky enough to draw a Six of Cups tarot card, this may be a sign from above that you should take the warm memories out of your memory box in order to find your spark to build your future. The Past tarot suggests that memories can be a source of motivation, freshness, and new ideas.

A reversed Six of Cups tarot card meaning is somewhat different from the upright card, but still, it is quite positive. Such a card indicates that you have finally overcome an emotional barrier. Now you can recall the old wounds without being exposed to pain or other unpleasant feelings. You perceive the unpleasant experience as something that once happened and will not happen again.

The Six of Cups tarot may guide you to explore new perspectives and leave old wounds. You can use your experience as a navigator to open yourself to new opportunities and see the world from a different, more positive angle.