Strength Tarot Card Meanings

Explore the Strength Tarot card meanings: courage, inner power, and resilience. Embrace your inner fortitude to overcome obstacles with compassion and willpower.
Strength Tarot Card Meanings

About Strength Tarot Card

Strength Upright Meaning

The Strength card in Tarot symbolizes the harmonization of our natural, primal forces by our more refined, inner selves. This card emphasizes that our instinctual energy, with its raw passion and will, doesn’t need to be suppressed but rather should be consciously refined. It highlights the role of the feminine aspect within us, which can gently guide and bring about cooperation, smoothing out conflicts with a spirit of collective goodwill.

This card suggests that the strength of the feminine soul has the power to calm disruptive energies and align differing forces in pursuit of a common good.

Strength Reversed Meaning

When the Strength card is reversed, it indicates a situation where you might feel powerless or unable to influence unruly forces. In such scenarios, your typical methods of persuasion and leadership might be ineffective against this unchecked, wild energy.

In these times, finer approaches are often disregarded, and past incentives for maintaining harmony might be met with indifference. It might be wise to adopt a low profile, focusing on self-preservation until the tumultuous period passes.

Strength Advice Position

In the advice position, the Strength card urges you to practice self-discipline and distinguish between selfish motives and enlightened wisdom. Prioritize alignment with your intuition, even if it contradicts your ego’s desires.

Expect and encourage the same level of integrity from others involved in the situation. By setting an example of ethical behavior and integrity, you not only challenge others to meet higher standards but also enhance your own self-respect as you see progress in your endeavors.