Temperance Tarot Card Meanings

Discover Temperance Tarot card meanings: balance, harmony, and moderation. A reminder to find middle ground and practice patience in life’s journey.
Temperance Tarot Card Meanings

About Temperance Tarot Card

Temperance Upright Meaning

The Temperance card symbolizes the soul. Traditionally depicted as a female figure or an angel, the character on the Temperance card blends a variety of subtle energies to foster personal growth. A clue to its interpretation lies in the name itself, reminiscent of tempering metals in a forge.

Like metals that endure intense heat and hammering to emerge stronger and purer, the soul embarks on a transformative journey, purifying the ego. This process may be challenging and intense, turning the personality inside out, but ultimately, it reveals the hidden treasures within one’s heart.

Temperance Reversed Meaning

When Temperance appears reversed, it warns of a potential loss of self-belief. You might be feeling indifferent, ignoring your true desires and needs.

You could be disproportionately focusing on the turmoil associated with change, overlooking the potential for rejuvenation and freedom. Consider dedicating a day to activities that bring you joy, nourishing your body and soul. If a refreshed outlook doesn’t emerge, it may be time to seek external support.

Temperance Advice Position

In the advice position, Temperance encourages you to find and incorporate the missing elements in your life. Utilize your skills and talents to fulfill your objectives.

Consider engaging in spiritual practices, educational pursuits, or lifestyle changes to aid your journey. This is a time when discipline and organization can yield significant benefits, helping you to realize your goals.