The Devil Tarot Card Meanings

Confront the Devil Tarot Card’s themes of bondage and materialism. Break free from chains of your own making.
The Devil Tarot Card Meanings

About The Devil Tarot Card

Upright The Devil

The Devil Tarot card delves into the realm of the taboo and the unacknowledged parts of our subconscious. It represents the wild, untamed aspects of our nature that exist at our core. This card highlights the parts of ourselves that we cannot eliminate or tame, no matter how hard we try. Historically, The Devil card, often portrayed as a vampire-demon, embodied the fear instilled by the church of losing one’s soul to unrestrained and passionate forces.

In its more modern interpretation, The Devil represents the “”scapegoated goddess,”” known esoterically as Baphomet. This image symbolizes the volcanic passion and primal desires that fuel the struggle against restrictive stereotypes, pushing for genuine freedom of the soul.

Reversed The Devil

When reversed, The Devil card suggests a tendency to create chaos or resistance without a constructive purpose. It might point to a mischievous, even vengeful, streak or simply being a source of irritation for others.

This card warns that such juvenile behavior needs to be reined in and transformed to avoid further complications. While it might seem amusing at the moment, these antics can have long-term negative consequences.

The Devil in the Advice Position

In the advice position, The Devil encourages showing boldness and directness. Subtlety or strategy might not be effective in the current situation. Expressing your true feelings, including anger if necessary, is advised. It’s important to acknowledge and accept your emotions, regardless of whether it’s appropriate to act on them in every circumstance.

Recognizing the intensity of your inner experiences is key to staying true to yourself. This card suggests that being forthright and honest about your feelings and desires may be the most effective approach.