The Empress Tarot Card Meanings

The Empress embodies fertility, abundance, and nature’s nurturing. Revel in creativity and motherly care.
The Empress Tarot Card Meanings

About The Empress Tarot Card

Upright The Empress

The Empress, a Major Arcana or “”trump”” card, embodies the energy of the great mother. She represents both the nature around us and the life-giving force within us. Often depicted as a pre-Christian Goddess, The Empress is seen as the earthly manifestation of what The High Priestess channels from the divine realm.

In medieval Europe, to appease the Inquisitors, The Empress card often depicted the reigning queen. However, Renaissance scholars recognized her as a more profound archetype, revealed in full only after the French Revolution as “”the woman clothed with the sun.””

The Empress symbolizes fertility and is the source of nourishment, security, and the joys of nature, like flowers and fruits. She also represents the power of natural law and the cycle of life, often referred to as “”The Great Recycler.”” Her more daunting aspect appears in the form of natural disasters, reflecting the consequences of human ignorance or folly.

Reversed The Empress

When reversed, The Empress wields her natural forces to correct her wayward children. Natural calamities like volcanoes, tsunamis, and hurricanes are symbolic of intense emotions sparked by human recklessness or ignorance.

In personal contexts, feeling the need to correct or guide others is valid, but it’s crucial to temper this with restraint to avoid excessive harshness. The aim should not be to destroy what has been cherished and nurtured.

The Empress in the Advice Position

The Empress advises recognizing and trusting the wisdom and good intentions you have displayed so far. Acknowledge your role in being a compassionate and caring individual. You have the capacity to express the best aspects of your character.

Show this through your caring actions, a forgiving and generous spirit, and a deep understanding of others’ needs and challenges. Your healing influence is vital in the current situation, and you should take pride in the supportive role you play.