The Moon Tarot Card Meanings

The Moon reveals illusions, fears, and the subconscious mind. Navigate uncertainty with intuition.
The Moon Tarot Card Meanings

About The Moon Tarot Card

Upright The Moon

The Moon card symbolizes a profound state of sensitivity, imagination, and receptivity, akin to a journey within a relaxing and deep environment. In this state, dreams flourish, trance-like states are common, and visions or profound insights occur, riding the psychic tides. Experiences during this phase can range from deeply mystical to intensely unsettling, transcending normal sensory perceptions. The Moon represents a crucial test of one’s soul integrity, where the boundary between the individual self and the vast unknown dissolves, and the individual essence merges back into the greater whole. What follows is a deeply personal and spiritual experience between the soul and its creator.

Reversed The Moon

When reversed, The Moon suggests that there may be self-deception, over-dramatization, or embellishment in how you perceive or recount a situation. It’s important to differentiate between an emotionally charged narrative and the stark reality of events.

Being swept away by emotions or psychic sensations might seem compelling, but it doesn’t aid in maintaining balance during tumultuous times.

The Moon in the Advice Position

The Moon card, in the advice position, encourages trusting your instincts and intuition. Your intuitive sense, deeply connected to all life, is more immediate and accurate than the cultivated, rational mind. The regular mind may not be equipped to navigate the unusual, deep-sea-like circumstances, often lacking a strategic plan for such depths.

Rely on your intuition, which will guide you reliably if you refrain from trying to control or rationalize what you perceive. In this scenario, meditating and adopting the role of an observer is advisable. Rather than acting, allow nature to guide your course. This passive approach may be the most effective in your current situation.