The Star Tarot Card Meanings

The Star: Find solace in hope, clarity, and the rejuvenating power of inspiration after challenging times.
The Star Tarot Card Meanings

About The Star Tarot Card

The Star tarot card, also called a Celestial Mandate, is one of the positive, inspiring cards. Such a card depicts a naked woman sitting near a pond. She is pouring water into the pond and onto dry land near her. Above the woman, a large star is shining in the sky.

From the name of the card, you can understand that it is associated with space and cosmic objects. The Star meaning involves the divine connection between people and the Universe.
When the Star tarot appears in your spread, it is a hint from above that you should reconnect with your roots, with your true self. Also, such a card may imply that your heart is filled with hope and faith in the support of the Universe. In addition, the Star can describe your desire to find your source of inspiration and the meaning of life.

What does the Star mean in tarot if it is reversed? The reversed Star, on the contrary, denotes a lack of energy and faith. Such a card may point to the loss of connection with your roots and inner spiritual powers.