The Sun Tarot Card Meanings

The Sun shines on joy, success, and vitality. Celebrate clarity, energy, and positivity.
The Sun Tarot Card Meanings

About The Sun Tarot Card

Upright Meaning of The Sun

The Sun card symbolizes the essence of self – it reflects who you are and how you develop your personality and character. Bathed in the Sun’s light, one reconnects with their original, unblemished nature in a safe and nurturing environment. This card suggests a momentary pause from life’s chaos, offering a chance for the soul to rejuvenate. The Sun’s light restores life’s fundamental goodness, truth, and beauty. When a single person appears on this card, it often represents a divine incarnation. If two people are depicted, it signifies the harmonious resolution of conflicts and the union of opposites. This card radiates an energy of faultlessness, as if to say, “All is well and as it should be.”

Reversed Meaning of The Sun

When reversed, The Sun card, which traditionally carries only positive meanings, invites a deeper reflection on your blessings and a humble acknowledgment of your success. It encourages sharing your good fortune, perhaps through giving back, volunteering, or inclusivity. This position suggests conscientious stewardship of your successes and blessings, ensuring that gratitude and generosity guide your actions.

Advice Position for The Sun

The Sun card in the advice position calls for embracing your inherent divinity and shedding any societal constraints that hinder your authenticity. Be honest about your motives and stand by your principles. By doing so, you reclaim your power from those who may criticize or shame you. Emphasize positivity and reality, and let your true self shine brightly. Your genuine, unfiltered radiance can serve as a beacon for others, illuminating paths without any pretense.