The Tower Tarot Card Meanings

Unravel The Tower: sudden change, upheaval, and the collapse of established structures.
The Tower Tarot Card Meanings

About The Tower Tarot Card

Upright Tower

The Tower card typically depicts a scene of disaster, symbolizing chaos and destruction brought on by human weaknesses and nature’s unpredictability. Historically, this card served as a warning to the nobility and clergy about the dangers of societal upheaval and the consequences of their actions.

The imagery of lightning on the Tower card can be seen as karmic retribution, especially for those whose fortunes were built on the exploitation of others. It suggests a revolution, signaling drastic social changes that offer hope and a chance for a fresh start on more equal grounds.

Reversed Tower

When the Tower card is reversed, it indicates that the turmoil has passed, and all unstable structures have collapsed. It encourages leaving behind the causes of this upheaval and focusing on what can be done now that past options are no longer viable. In the aftermath, there’s an opportunity to regain strength and energy for new endeavors.

Tower in the Advice Position

In the advice position, the Tower card positions you as an agent of transformative change, which can be stressful. It implies that radical change is already in motion due to forces beyond human control, and resistance is futile.

You are now at the forefront of this change, embracing the future’s inevitable arrival. The card advises mediating the impact of these changes, especially to protect those most vulnerable. Recognize and appreciate your own efforts and those of others in your life who contribute to building a better future.