Daily Energy Spread Thank You @azuragems

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The Fool’s Journey In Rhyme

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A spread for two choices!

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A Spread to figure out a lie…

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Sweet Dreams Sachet

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What to do??? This should help!

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Witch Tip!!

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ʂơɱɛ ąʄʄıཞɱąɬıơŋʂ ɬơ ཞɛɱɛɱცɛཞ

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Unlock Yourself Tarot Spread

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Think of me Spell!

A little “Think of Me” Spell


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Magickal Elements For Air…

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tђє Ŧ๏ยг ợยคгtєгร

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Thank you to @s1ndrla for their kind words! Made my day!!

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Don’t Settle Dearest Angels…

Don't Settle for just anyone. you know I’m speaking to you!You deserve the best dearest! Why settle for someone that’s just easy or comfortable? We lie to ourselves and say to ourselves, this is the one..but deep in your heart of truths you KNOW! DON’T SETTLE!   View on Instagram https://instagr.am/p/CCa1z4wA4dg/

Ginger Properties for Healing & Magick

Not THAT Ginger...yeah, lame, but it was a moral imperative...ok, down to business... These cards are from the "Snail Mail" days! See the link below! So, Inspired by this old deck of herbal cards I have, I'm going to do a quick rundown of Ginger and it's uses for health and magick... All resources are listed in the bibliography at the end. Ginger is a powerful plant of tropical origin – from India. I read… Continue reading Ginger Properties for Healing & Magick

Tarot Time With Joe

So this is the beginning of what I hope to become a long series of posts called "Tarot Time with Joe" my precious husband. I've even made up a little "kids-tv" show like jingle when we have Tarot time with Joe...it makes us both laugh... I have not, shame on me, simply READ a Tarot book in Decades. I might look up quotes or use imagery from different decks for reference but to just read… Continue reading Tarot Time With Joe