What Information do You Need From Me for a Reading?

First: NEVER give a psychic too much information. The basics only. If you feed them too much some, I hate to say, may take advantage.
I need:

  • Your First Name
  • Date of Birth dd/mm/yyyy
  • Your Question or Inquiry for readings using inquiries
  • Issues you want to focus on in the reading
  • Optional: Reason for asking for Past Life Reading ie: “I can’t find work right now and I’d like to know if there were any skills I had in a Past Life that I could explore.”

Do you Choose the Cards & Symbols & Images that come with the Reading?

That would be a resounding NO! The Universe does.

Everything I do in a Reading is “Random” and the way they come together again and again, reading after reading, I can never doubt God or The Universe ever again. They are all pulled Randomly but you wouldn’t know it if you looked at a reading, You would think they are hand picked to go with the reading, It’s AMAZING!

What do you mean by God & What Religion are you?

I am a Catholic Mystic or Witch if you like. I do worship Christ as my main deity, but I believe God is in every religion just by different names: The Universe, A Higher Power, The Greater Consciousness, Buddha, Ganesh, Kali, Allah, God, Jesus, The gods, The Goddess, insert your religion or word here.

I believe Man has allowed Religion to divide us, when every Religion has validity. We all teach the basic same principles of Love, Karma, Peace, Treat Others as You’d like to be Treated…etc. Only Man has messed up Religions in my opinion by putting in their own human biases, which when filtered down dilutes the essential teachings of the original Diety. I love the Catholic Church but I disagree with a great deal. And I think God is ok with that because they do not historically nor today always act as Christ would. Therefore His teachings have been diluted by humanity through the organization of the church,

How to Format My Birthdate?

Please format your Birthdate in the Standard European Format:


What will I get with my Reading?

You’ll receive:

  • 4-10 Page PDF
  • Photo of Layout
  • Photo of Rune Pulled
  • Image of Rune Symbol & Keywords
  • Your Personality Card with explanation & Photo
  • Gemstone Image with Properties for Your Personality
  • Photo & Information about the Quintessentiial Card (Summary Card)
  • Photo of Random Symbol pulled out of a Book of Symbols I have. These are Random but the Universe Always Pulls Them Together.
  • Photo of The Image I Randomly go to in an Image Book I have. These too are Random but Miraculously Always Pertain.
  • Explaination of all of the above along with explanations, thoughts, visions, feelings I got while reading your spread.
  • Action Steps or Adv ice and Resources to Aide you on your journey after the Reading.
  • A list of images I see and feelings I get when skrying (Reading) a crystal.
  • An Inspirational Card “Randomly Picked”
  • An Intention Card “Randomly Picked”

Who will You Read For?

I do readings for anyone regardless of sex, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, belief systems, color, race or any other nonsense that works to separate us on this planet.