Before a Reading


Before a reading please follow some suggestions below:

  • Be certain to read through my Page on My Ethics
  • Word Your Questions Carefully keeping the following in mind:
  • Try starting questions with:
    • Can you give me insight into…
    • What do I need to understand about…
    • What is the meaning of…
    • What is the lesson or purpose of…
    • What are the circumstances underlying…
    • How can I improve my chances of…
    • How might I…
      • Accept Responsibility
        • ie.  Should I put my father in a nursing home, or take care of him in my house.  (You’re putting all the responsibility on the cards)
        • A better way to ask is “What do I need to know to decide on the best living arrangements for my father?”
      • Keep Your Options Open
        • Stay away from Yes/No questions
        • Avoid “Should” questions, “Should I let my daughter live at home?”
        • Don’t question about time.  “When will George ask me to marry him?”
          • Instead of “How might I encourage my mother-in-law to move out?” 
          • Try  “What do I need to know to get along better with my mother-in-law?”
      • Find the Best Level of Detail: 
        • Don’t be too vague but don’t be too detailed.
          • How can I improve my work situation? (Too vague)
          • How can I reorganize my desk so that Tom can find my files? (Too detailed)
          • How can I improve the flow of work between Tom and me?  (Perfect)
      • Stay Neutral
        • Instead of: “Why am I the only one doing chores?”  Try “How can I foster a spirit of cooperation concerning the chores?”  Better
        • Instead of:  “How can I make people listen when I’m talking?”  Try:  “What is going on when I try to communicate but feel others aren’t listening?”
      • Be Positive
        • Instead of: “How come I can never get my research published?”  Try: “How can I find the ideal forum in which to publish my research?”
        • Instead of:  “Why can’t I overcome my fear of public speaking?”  Try:  “How can I improve my ability to speak to groups effectively?”
      • Focus on yourself
        • Instead of: “Am I going to get this new job?” Try: What can I do to be my best for this new job?
  • Meditate while forming the question.
  • Write your question down and say it out loud to give it energy.
  • Send your energy to me.  Don’t worry, the Universe knows where to find me!
  • Relax and let go.  Do not fret while awaiting your reading.  Put it from your mind

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