Spell Work

Spell Work:

Hi Dearest Angels…I am a High Priestess with over 25 years experience in esoteric work.

I provide a comprehensive Ritual Service that includes

  • A Multi-Divination Tarot reading (€25 Value) to decide what direction the Ritual needs to go…
  • Contact throughout the entire process as we plan
  • Guidance in helping you manifest your desires to boost the energy of the Spell
  • Photos of all I do
  • Videos of anything I create, herbal mixtures, incense etc. for the Spell
  • Full video of the ritual
  • And Advice on things you can do at home, no cost to you, to increase the power of the Spell.

Any need you have, we will work together to find a positive solution using intention and spell work. Spells have been perfectly described as Prayer with Props. The gathering of all the tooIs, herbs, colors, candles, wording it just right, these are all actions that put your intention into the Universe. I am a Christian White witch and I only work in light and love.

I work in ways to help you grow not just gain a desire. I don’t work in dark magic that effects another person’s will or goes against any of my personal ethics. The witch’s first law is “Harm None” and I take it very seriously. I believe in karma and I don’t put negative things out into the Universe. Please keep all this in mind.

But if you’d like to work together to create a loving, light filled way to aide you in your journey then that is my specialty.

We will work together to create just the right spell with just the right timing, by the moon’s cycle and hours of the day and days of the week. I will keep you abreast of all work being put into the spell every step of the way.

I encourage you to contact me and read all my code of ethics for this booking. But Here’s How it Works….

When ordering, the base price is €55…after we talk and we see how involved the spell is the price will vary from €55-€110…NOTHING MORE. I won’t be telling you “It will cost more for these herbs”…”You must pay more for this to work…” That’s nonsense! I’m here to help you…money is secondary.

Personalized Intention Sigil

Are you looking for love? Do you have intentions you want to make happen? Do you need protection? Would you like to stop smoking? Need to mend a friendship? Get him/her to communicate more…

ANY intention you have can be helped with a personalized SIGIL created by me and or Tarot Reading!

I just need your name, your intention stated in a clear sentence. And if you have more than one intention, we can do that too!

They’ll be created using my own method and color associations will be used as well. Green for money, Red for love etc.

Be Certain to Contact me with your name and intention, & check your spam folder just in case!

The Sigil can be printed and carried around, put somewhere that you see it often and best idea…make it the wallpaper on your phone and you’ll think of it every time to manifest your intention. Activation instructions will be included.

I alsoBook through Etsy

Now, I’ma High Priestess with over 25 years experience, so I create my own spells. I don’t trust Internet spells, but here are some books I do trust if you’re a beginner and need some guidance. I would suggest working with these very carefully and with purity of heart. They aren’t games and they aren’t toys….