6 card tarot

6 card tarot reading

A 6-card tarot reading is a versatile spread that can be used for various questions or situations. Here’s a simple breakdown of the positions and their meanings:

  1. The Present (Center Card): This card represents the current situation or the main issue at hand. It provides insight into what is happening in the querent’s life right now.
  2. Immediate Challenge (Card to the Left): This card reflects any challenges or obstacles the querent may be facing. It helps identify what is hindering progress or causing difficulties.
  3. Recent Past (Card to the Right of the Center): This card sheds light on recent events or influences that may have led to the current situation. It provides context and additional information about the background.
  4. Near Future (Card Above): This card offers a glimpse into the near future, showing potential developments or outcomes based on the current path. It helps the querent prepare for what lies ahead.
  5. Advice or Guidance (Card Below): This card provides guidance or advice on how to navigate the current situation. It offers insights into the best course of action or mindset to adopt.
  6. Outcome (Card to the Right): This final card reveals the potential outcome of the situation based on current circumstances and the querent’s actions. It offers guidance on the likely resolution or direction.

Exploring Various 6-Card Tarot Spreads

Feeling a bit jittery about trying a six-card tarot spread for the first time? No worries, you’re not alone! There are different six-card tarot spreads catering to love, career, and healing, with some universal ones thrown in. So, if there’s a challenge in your life that you want to dig into, a six-card tarot spread might just give you the insights you’re looking for.

And hey, once you get the hang of it, you can even start offering these spreads to clients if you’re into charging for your readings. Let’s kick off with the classic Past, Present, and Future six-card tarot spread.

Past, Present, and Future Tarot Six Card Spreads

Now, you might be wondering how we fit past, present, and future into a six-card spread when that usually calls for three cards. Well, there are other three-card tarot spreads that offer different kinds of readings. There’s even a five-card spread covering the past, present, and future.

So, let’s dive into the six-card version. Picture two sets of three cards lined up horizontally from left to right, with one set below the other. Now, here’s the breakdown of each card’s meaning: Card one is your past, card two is your present, and card three is your future.

Then, shift your focus to card four undercard one; this represents what you need to leave behind in the past. Card five, undercard two, shows how to improve your present. Finally, card six, under card three, points the way to create the best possible outcome as you move forward.

This six-card setup adds extra insight to your past, present, and future reading, giving you some handy guidance for better decision-making. Now, let’s check out a powerful six-card tarot spread for growth and healing.

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The 6 Card Growth And Healing Tarot Spread

Check out this powerful spread; it’s time for some shadow work. The card positions are the same as the classic past, present, and future six-card tarot spread. Dive right in, but fair warning – only go for this spread if you’re ready to look deep within and confront those not-so-comfy parts of yourself. Get ready to unpack some fear, negative karma, and trauma. Let’s break it down: Card one is all about what’s happening to you right now.

Card two? That’s your guide on moving through life with some grace. The third card spills the beans on what you’re learning from your current life stage. Card four? That’s what’s bidding adieu at the moment, and card five is all about what’s making an entrance. Lastly, card six spills the beans on the best treatment for your current situation. What can heal you right now? Now, let’s dive into a six-card tarot spread.

Relationship Tarot Six Card Spread

Same positions as before, folks. This spread spills the tea on any relationship you’re in or might waltz into in the future. Let’s break it down: Card one represents you flying solo, away from your relationship. Card two? That’s the kind of person you’re tangled up with. The third card? It’s your game plan for making your current relationship better or future-proofing it. Card four shows your partner in their single-person glory. Card five? Again, your partner solo, and card six? How they can up their game in your relationship.

This spread is gold if you’re dealing with some relationship hurdles. Now, let’s wrap it up with a career six-card tarot spread.

Career Tarot 6 Card Spread

This career, work, or business tarot spread is your go-to for sorting out issues in your professional life. The positions are the same as the previous three spreads. Card one spills the beans on your current work situation, while card two gives you a sneak peek into your ideal work scenario. Card three shines a light on any roadblocks you might face in your work life, and card four is your golden ticket solution. Card five serves up advice you should seriously consider regarding your career, and card six lays it all out – your outcome.

So, these six-card tarot spreads are pretty versatile, right? Now, let’s dive into a sample reading.

Sample Past, Present, and Future Tarot Card Spread

Picture this: A querent who decided to shake things up with their belief system, and it cost them a bunch. Now, they’re wondering if they should go back to the old ways. Let’s throw a six-card tarot spread into the mix to check out their past, present, and future.

  1. Card one, for the past, is the Eight of Cups.
  2. Card two, the present, is the Hierophant reversed.
  3. Card three, the future, is the Ace of Cups.
  4. Card four, what needs to stay in the past, is the Three of Cups.
  5. Card five, how to make the present better, is the King of Cups.
  6. Card six, how to create the best possible outcome moving forward, is the King of Pentacles.

Here’s the lowdown on the querent’s situation: They waved goodbye to their old belief system and lifestyle, even had to cut ties with old pals that weren’t doing them any favors. The Eight of Cups, the card for the past, says they had to ditch something that wasn’t fulfilling them anymore.

Now, for the present, we’ve got the Hierophant reversed. That means the querent is ditching the beliefs they grew up with because it just doesn’t click anymore. Even if their fam is giving them a hard time, the querent couldn’t care less. Looking to the future, the Ace of Cups suggests the querent is gonna catch feelings and love their shiny new belief system.

Let’s dive into cards four, five, and six, and see how they influence the first three.

Card four, undercard one, is the Three of Cups. The querent has to bid farewell to some friends as they walk away from their old life. Old pals might not dig the querent’s choices, so cutting ties is a must. Card five, the King of Cups, reveals that even though the querent is feeling rebellious and done with their old beliefs (thanks, Hierophant reversed), they gotta find a way to master their emotions. So, they handle it with as much grace as possible.

Chances are the querent’s old friends weren’t too kind once they made the change, and it’s crucial for the querent to handle the hurt feelings like a champ and not go off the deep end. Regulating emotions is key now. Finally, card six, the King of Pentacles, is all about wealth and control.

Great news! This outcome card supports the fact that the querent will truly love their new belief. It’ll make them feel rich, give purpose to their lives, and push them to change their habits for the better.

So, bottom line, the querent kicked old belief systems to the curb. Sure, they lost friends and had to say goodbye to other things that once brought joy. But their newfound passion and belief system tell them they wouldn’t be fulfilled sticking with the old ways.

They had to work on keeping emotions in check, dealing with the fact that their old friends and probably family weren’t on board. But once the querent embraces their new belief, it’s a game-changer – they’ll love it and enrich their lives.

The moral of the story? If you’re passionate about something, go for it. Sure, others might not always get it, but hey, it’s your life, don’t forget that! And if you’ve got more 6-card tarot spreads, spill the beans!

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