7 card tarot

7 card tarot reading

The 7-card Tarot spread is like a go-to tool for Tarot readers to get the lowdown on a situation or question. They also call it the “Horseshoe Spread” because, well, it looks like a horseshoe.

So, what’s the deal with this 7-card Tarot Spread?

As your Tarot skills level up, you might find yourself vibing with one spread more than the others. The 7-card Tarot spread is a hot favorite for many. It’s not too complicated – just seven cards doing their thing. Each card in this spread tackles a different part of the issue or situation. Some folks also call it the Celtic Cross or the Witches’ Spread – fancy, right?

This spread is your Tarot Swiss Army knife – simple yet powerful. It’s handy for diving into questions about yourself, relationships, or your career. Whether you’re after a general reading or need the deets on something specific, the 7-card Tarot spread has got your back.

Different Representations of 7 Card Tarot Spread

So, there’s this 7 Card Tarot Spread that’s like a sneak peek into your current gig and what’s coming down the pipeline.

Let’s break down each card in this variation:

Card 1: The Past

This one spills the tea on all the stuff – the experiences, people, and events – that made you the person you are today. It’s like a flashback to what went down before and how it’s shaping your present. Picture this: if it shows someone strolling through a field of flowers, it might mean they’ve been through some tough times but learned a thing or two.

Card 2: The Present

Now, this card is all about what’s going down in your life right now. It’s like a snapshot of your current situation or relationship. Imagine this: two people holding hands with their backs turned – might mean there’s some misunderstanding that needs fixing pronto.

Card 3: Hidden Influences

This one’s like the undercover agent of the deck. It spills on the sneaky influences affecting your situation or relationship. If it shows someone teary-eyed with a cellphone and pills nearby, it could mean a social media spat left them feeling blue.

Card 4: The Querent Himself/Herself

You – yes, the one asking the question. This card gets to the core of your query and gives a literal answer or describes the vibe around the situation. It’s like a mirror reflecting your choices and how they shape your path.

Card 5: The Influence of Others

This card dives into how you see yourself and your life, revealing beliefs or aspects of your personality. If you think you’re Mr. or Ms. Social Butterfly but really you’re shy, this card will spill the beans. It’s also the squad card – representing peeps who sway your life, be it family, friends, or coworkers.

Card 6: What Should the Querent Do?

Meet the Five of Cups – the advice card. It’s like a pep talk saying there’s some sadness, but it’s a passing phase. Focus on what matters now and don’t dwell on past hiccups. Life lesson: don’t let yesterday’s blunders ruin today.

Card 7: The Final Outcome

The Judgment card – the big reveal. If it’s throwing shade, there’s something to tackle – job loss or relationship drama. But, hey, if it’s all sunshine and rainbows, expect gains – moolah or a health boost. If it seems unrelated to your question, probably not your vibe. But if it clicks, pay attention – it might be whispering sweet future vibes.

That’s the 7 Card Tarot Spread, spilling the cosmic beans on your situation and giving you a roadmap for what’s next. Cool, huh?

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How to Rock a 7-Card Tarot Spread

Alright, here’s the lowdown on acing a 7-card Tarot spread:

  1. Set Your Vibes:
    Before you dive in, get in the zone. Think about what you want from the reading – a burning question, a general theme, or just a life area you’re curious about.
  2. Shuffle It Up:
    Give that Tarot deck a good shuffle. Focus on your vibe. When you’re feeling the mojo, cut the deck into three piles and bring them back together.
  3. Draw the Cards:
    Start by pulling the first card, drop it smack in the middle. That’s the past, baby – the backstory. Next up, grab the second card and pop it on the left. That’s your current scene. Keep the card party going:

    • Card 3: Slap it to the right of card 2. It’s all about future challenges.
    • Card 4: Right above the center card. Peek at the hidden influences.
    • Card 5: Right below the center card. Get into the conscious thoughts of the querent (that’s the person asking).
    • Card 6: Left of the first card. Dive into the unconscious thoughts and feelings of the querent.
    • Card 7: Right of card 3. This one’s the potential outcome or resolution.
  4. Decode the Vibes:g with emotions you can’t quite put your finger on, this spread’s got your back.
    Now that the cards are on the table (literally), take a sec to soak it all in. Connect the dots between the cards and figure out the story they’re telling. Each card spills its own tea, and it’s a puzzle that you get to decode.

Remember, Tarot readings are like personal vibes – open to your interpretation. Trust your gut, let the cards speak to you, and soak up those cosmic insights. You got this!

When to Bust Out the Seven-Card Tarot Spread?

So, when does the seven-card tarot spread shine? Well, if you’re after a deep dive into a specific situation or question, this spread’s your Tarot BFF. It’s like the master key to unlock all the deets about the past, present, and future, giving you the 411 on what’s really cooking beneath the surface.

Here’s the lowdown on when this spread is your go-to:

  1. When You Crave the Whole Picture:

    If you’re itching for a complete scoop on a situation, ditch the shorter spreads like the three-card wonder or the lonely one-card show. The seven-card spread is your jam when you want to explore all the nooks and crannies of a scenario, uncovering the juicy bits that might be hiding.

  2. When You’re Digging Deep into a Question:

    Got a burning question or a pesky issue on your mind? The seven-card spread is like a cosmic detective, unraveling the layers and giving you the inside scoop. Each card spills its own tea, painting a detailed picture and helping you see the situation from all angles.

  3. When You Want to Dive into the Mind Game:
    The magic of the seven-card spread? It’s got cards that rep both the conscious and unconscious vibes. So, if you’re on a quest to understand what’s cooking in your mind or wrestling with emotions you can’t quite put your finger on, this spread’s got your back.

The seven-card tarot spread is your all-in-one ticket to wisdom. Whether you’re peeling back the layers of a situation or wrestling with a tricky question, this spread is the Tarot whisperer that unveils a whole new level of understanding. Tarot on, friend!

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