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Angel card readings online

Alright, so you’re diving into the angel card realm. Before you kick off, give your angels and spirit guides a shout-out. Picture them circling around you like your cosmic cheer squad. Got a burning question? Hold it in your mind as you grab that angel card.

Once you’ve snagged your card, take a chill moment. Stare at the image, soak in the vibes, and let the card’s name marinate in your mind. What’s it saying to you? Any thoughts or feels bubbling up? Dive into the extended description below the card – it’s like the secret sauce.

Now, here’s the kicker: trust that gut of yours. As you soak up the deets, tap into your inner vibes. Let your intuition do its thing. Your spirit guides and angels are ready to spill some cosmic tea – so sip it up, and let the wisdom flow.

So as you level up on the spiritual journey, you might start feeling the vibes – both the good and not-so-good ones. This card’s like a cosmic nudge to keep your energy on point. Here’s the drill:

  1. Clear the Vibes:
    Take a chill pill, and imagine a force field of white light wrapping around you. Your guardian angel and the light squad are sending good vibes your way.
  2. Deep Breath In, Negativity Out:
    Breathe easy while that white light works its magic. It’s like a cosmic cleanup crew, tossing out bad vibes, toxic thoughts, and anything that’s cramping your style. Let the white light work its sparkle.
  3. Feel the Glow:
    Picture that orb of white light glowing around you. Feel the peace and love radiating. And guess what? You’re the boss here – you can summon this protective light anytime you want. It’s like a spiritual power-up.
  4. No Need for Fancy Words:
    Don’t stress about the magic words. When your vibe is clear, the divine white light’s got your back. Practice calling it in, and bam, you’ve got a superhero shield against negativity.

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How to Dive into Angel Card Reading in 7 Easy Steps

  1. Summon Your Angels:
    Start your angel card reading by inviting your angels and spirit guides. Find a moment of calm, center yourself, and say or think something like:

    “Calling in my angels and spirit guides of healing, love, and light. Enter this space, protect me, and help me tune into your presence, healing, love, and guidance. Connect with me through this angel card reading for the highest good.”

  2. Ask Your Burning Question:
    Think of a question for your angels and focus on it. No need to speak it aloud; your guides hear your thoughts. Avoid yes/no queries; aim for open-ended insights. You can also ask a broad “What guidance do you have for me now?”
  3. Shuffle Those Cards:
    Shuffle your angel cards, keeping your question in mind. Imagine light flowing into and around the cards. Trust your angels to guide you as you shuffle, knowing they’ll lead you to the right card.
  4. Pick a Card, Any Card:
    Select a card. There’s no wrong way to choose – trust your intuition. Whether one stands out during the shuffle or you randomly grab a card, it’s all good. The angels got your back.
  5. Feel the Vibes:
    Look at your chosen angel card and soak in the imagery and title. Reflect on your immediate insights about what it means for your question. Let your mind clear, take your time, and open your heart to the love and guidance your angels offer.
  6. Dive into the Guidebook:
    Read the extended description in the guidebook for more clarity. Online readings often have this info below the card. Reflect on the message and trust your inner intuition for a personalized interpretation.
  7. Level Up Your Angel Readings:
    Quiet your mind, open your heart, and tune into direct messages from your angels. Let your intuition guide you without relying on the guidebook. Feel the real angelic messages coming through. You’ve got this!

Angel Cards or Tarot Cards: Decoding the Difference

Wondering what sets angel cards apart from their more popular cousin, the Tarot cards? Let’s break it down:

Tarot’s Ancient Journey:

Tarot comes with a rich history, blending the mystical arts of astrology, alchemy, and divination. It’s like a mystical smoothie, pulling in vibes from traditional Judeo-Christian teachings, as well as a mix of symbols and concepts from various cultures. Influenced by occult legends like Aleister Crowley, Tarot has been shaped over centuries.

Angelic Vibes:

Now, shift gears to angel cards. These buddies take their cues from good ol’ Judeo-Christian theology and the virtues dished out in Western religious teachings. Think of it as a more heavenly influence.

Card Count Showdown:

Tarot deck? It’s a beast with 78 cards, split into the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Angel cards? They’re the flexible bunch. Some packs keep it cozy with around 20 cards, while others go all-in with 70 or more. (Here, we’re rolling with iFate’s middle-ground angel deck rocking 48 cards).

Meet the Archangels:

In our angel card reading, we’ve got the VIPs – the 4 “Archangel cards.” They’re like Tarot’s Major Arcana, dealing with big life themes and major shifts. Some angel card fans even draw parallels with Tarot’s “court cards,” pointing to specific named angels.

Positivity vs. Tough Love:

Tarot readings can be a bit like a contact sport, throwing some tough truths your way. If you’re not up for the challenge, it might not be your cup of tea. Angel cards, though? Picture a ray of sunshine. They’re generally all about the good vibes. Even when they give a heads-up, it’s more like friendly advice – something you can dodge with a bit of focus and mindfulness.

Spread the Cards, or Just Pick One:

Tarot loves its spreads – Celtic Cross, three-card wonders, you name it. Angel cards? They’re the minimalist’s dream. Just ponder your life path, grab a card, and you’re good to go. Easy peasy.

Spiritual Advice, Different Styles:

Both Tarot and angel cards dish out advice from the spiritual realm, just with a twist. Tarot delves deep into esoteric realms, while angel cards keep it grounded in contemporary morals and spiritual wisdom.

So, whether you’re diving into the mystical depths of Tarot spreads or keeping it breezy with a single angel card, you’ve got a ticket to the cosmic advice club. Choose your deck, and let the spiritual insights roll!

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