The Situation, Action & Outcome Tarot Spread

The Situation, Action and Outcome Tarot Spread

The Situation, Action & Outcome Tarot Spread is a powerful tool for clarity and guidance, especially when facing tarot spread for difficult situations. This three-card layout helps you understand the current situation tarot spread, identify the best course of action, and preview the potential outcome tarot spread. To start, the first card represents the current situation. It sheds light on the challenges or circumstances you are dealing with right now. Understanding this card is crucial as it sets the context for the rest of the reading.

Next, the action card suggests a specific approach or attitude to take. This guidance is invaluable as it steers you towards solutions and ways to address the tarot spread for difficult situation effectively. The outcome card offers a glimpse into the possible tarot result if you follow the advice of the action card. It helps you foresee the potential resolution of your situation, providing a sense of hope and direction. By using this spread, you can gain insights into how to handle your current challenges with foresight and strategy, leading to more informed decisions and proactive steps.

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Step-by-Step Guide to the Situation, Action and Outcome Spread

Starting a free tarot reading 3 card spread for the Situation, Action, and Outcome can be a profound way to gain insights, especially useful in scenarios like tarot spread for legal matters or a conflict tarot spread. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to using this spread effectively:

  1. Prepare Your Space: Ensure your environment is quiet and you are centered. This helps in focusing your energy and connecting with the cards.
  2. Shuffle the Cards: While shuffling, concentrate on your question or the situation you need guidance for. This infuses the deck with your energy and intention.
  3. Draw Your Cards:
    Draw the first card and place it on the left; this represents your current situation. Reflect on how this applies to your circumstances.
    The second card, placed in the middle, indicates the action you should consider taking. Think about how this advice can actively help you manage the situation.
    Place the third card on the right; this predicts the possible outcome, helping you understand the potential resolution of your actions.
  4. Reflect on the Reading: Spend some time contemplating how the cards’ messages work together, guiding you from your current situation through to a possible future.

By following these steps, you can harness the insights of the tarot to navigate complex situations with more confidence and clarity.

Practical Examples of the Situation, Action and Outcome Tarot Spread

Let’s look at some practical examples of how the Situation, Action, and Outcome Tarot Spread can be applied effectively in everyday contexts. This spread is not only a problem solution tarot spread but also excellent for gaining clarity in various areas of life, such as relationships and personal challenges.

Example 1: Navigating Career Decisions

  • Situation Tarot Spread: The first card shows you stuck in a job that doesn’t fulfill you.
  • Action: The second card suggests seeking new opportunities or further education.
  • Outcome: The third card predicts success and satisfaction from making courageous career changes.

Example 2: Resolving Personal Conflicts

  • Situation Tarot Spread: This card reveals ongoing disputes within your circle of friends.
  • Action: The card advises open communication and seeking understanding.
  • Outcome: It forecasts reconciliation and strengthened friendships as a result of your efforts.

Example 3: Relationship Challenges

  • Relationship Outcome Tarot Spread: Initially highlights tension or misunderstanding.
  • Action: Encourages patience and empathy towards your partner.
  • Outcome: Envisions a harmonious resolution, enhancing the bond between you and your partner.

Each of these examples shows how the Situation, Action, and Outcome Tarot Spread can guide you through different phases of a dilemma, providing clear paths to follow and helping foresee the potential results of your actions.


Consider a situation tarot spread where you’re contemplating a career change but feel uncertain. The action card might suggest networking and skill enhancement as steps forward. The outcome tarot spread could reveal potential professional growth, hinting at a successful transition if you follow through on the advice. Another example is resolving personal conflict: the situation card exposes the discord; the action card advises open dialogue; and the tarot result shows restored harmony. These examples demonstrate how this tarot spread can offer clear paths in complex situations, guiding thoughtful actions and forecasting possible outcomes.

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