Here are some of my favorite resources…


~Esoteric Tarot~Plentiful Earth~James Ricklef’s Tarot
~Debra Katz~ Light Path Tarot~Color Your Own Tarot
~Tarot Conference
~Tarot School~Teach Me Tarot~Tarot on YouTube
~Tarot Documentary~Dusty White~Daily Tarot Girl
~Intuitive Tarot by Nicholas~Little Red Tarot~Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog
~Tarot Blogs~Tarot Tips~Tarot With Mishka
~AMAZING Tarot Journal~Tarot Studies


~My Profound Secrets~Goddess Provisions~The Moonlight Shop
~Spells Wiccan Store~13 Moons~Wings in the Night
~Pyramid Collection~New Moon Cottage~Artes and Craft
~Waterstones~Moons Light Magic~Pheonix New Times
~Attitude Clothing~The Best Witchcraft Books


~Rider Waite~Ethereal Visions Illuminated~Mystic Mondays Tarot
~Dark Wood Tarot~Light Seer’s Tarot~Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot
~Magickal Spellcards~Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot~Enchanted Spell Oracle
~Mystic Mondays Tarot~The Starseed Oracle~Robin Wood Tarot
(My Fav for over 25 Years! Use for everything!)
~Light Seer’s Deck
(My NEW Favorite!)
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Various Paths/ The Craft

~Egyption~The Mystic Wolf~Pennyless Pagan
~Shamanic Healing~Benebell Wen~Witchcraft Wicca
~The Wiccan LifeIvy The Witch!~Wicca Spain
~The Church and School of Wicca~Wiccan Rede~WitchBeMe
~WICCA TAUBATÉ~WiccaWeb~Craft of Wicca
~Catholic Saints in Magick


~Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy~ Gemstone Identifier ~Energy Muse Blog
~Healing Crystals~Healing Crystals For You~A Surplice of Spirit
~Earth Family Crystals Blog~Serendipity Crystals~Sage Goddess
~Crystal Healing For Women~Spiral Crystals UK~Phoenix Crystal Healing
~The Gem Diva~Pink Heart Healing


~ Positive Magazine Meditation~Meditation Oasis~Transcendental Meditation
~Mrs. Mindfulness~Muse Blog~HayHouse Presents
~Suracenter~About Meditation~Live and Dare – Meditation
~Simple Mindfulness ~Wildmind Buddhist Meditation~One Mind Dharma
~Meditation is Easy


~Dream Doctor~Dream Symbolism~Dream Moods
~Dream Interpretations Guide~Dream Hawk~The Curious Dreamer
~Dream Dictionary~Dreams Cloud~Amy Cope
~Aisling~Journey Into Dreams~The Astrology Web
Dreams & Sleeping

Great Articles

~Having a Witchy Home~Basic Wiccan Altar~Magickal Times of Day
~Planetary Correspondence~Celebrate Litha~Altar of Awen
~Magickal Recipes~Protective House Cleansing~Numerology
~For Baby Witches~Paper Petitions~Aura Reading


~Plentiful Earth~Green Witchcraft Course~Herbalism Blogs
~Johns Hopkins Medicine~Herbal Medicine: MedlinePlus~Magic plants and witchcraft
~Herbs from the witch’s garden ~Magickal Uses of Herbs


~ Living Spellbook~ Spell List~Online Grimoire
~Witch’s Magazine~Wiccan Spells~Spells of Magick

Book of Shadows

~How To~Mystic Printer Planner~WitchBonix
~Coriander Bats~Witch Academy~A to Z of Paganism


~Mystical Matter With Yours Truly!
My Personal PodCast!
~Root Lock Tarot Podcast~A List of Great Podcasts


~Tarot Quotes