Try This Variation of the 3 Card Tarot Spread to Answer Your Life Questions…

A different way to Clarify Tarot cards with a three card spread...

Thoughts on Court Cards in Tarot

So, Court Cards have always been a difficult read for pun intended, I actually hate there it is... I posted this on my Instagram feed ages ago on the Actions of Court Cards... And here is some new information I've read recently, actually in a beginner's book. This whole Dusty White Advanced Tarot Secrets has me Re-Reading everything I can get my hands on. I feel like a beginner after 25 years of… Continue reading Thoughts on Court Cards in Tarot

Tarot Time With Joe

So this is the beginning of what I hope to become a long series of posts called "Tarot Time with Joe" my precious husband. I've even made up a little "kids-tv" show like jingle when we have Tarot time with makes us both laugh... I have not, shame on me, simply READ a Tarot book in Decades. I might look up quotes or use imagery from different decks for reference but to just read… Continue reading Tarot Time With Joe

The Fool Major Arcana: A Post, Unlike Any Fool Post!

Major Arcana: NOT your usual keyword post! The Fool in: Magic, Spells, Guided Meditation, Videos, Shopping, Quotes and so much more! If you're tired of the same old posts about the Major came to the right place!

Lavender: Herb, Crystal & Tarot Card Meanings

LAVENDER, herbal properties, uses both medical and magical, also my favorite smell in the world!